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Business Continuity Maturity Model

  • Overview The Business Continuity Maturity Model® (BCMM®) is a free open access tool created to assist businesses in building and maintaining a sustainable BC program.  Virtual has taken our proven resilience program philosophy and provided everything you need to sustain an integrated program in Sustainable Planner®. This single tool enables you to address BC, DR, risk, crisis management, situation status, real-time dashboards and more, while remaining simple enough that users only require 20 minutes of training. 

    Why Use the BCMM®

    New standards for business continuity are continuously emerging, pressuring BC managers to find a business continuity program diagnostic tool that is objective, consistent and repeatable. Unlike published standards that define program criteria, the BCMM® provides you with the steps to take on the path toward resilience and compliance with standards, including those recognized by PS-Prep.

    Assessment Options BCMM®  Self-Assessment Workbook 2.0This is a word doc that steps you through a simple methodology for scoring your organization using the criteria in the Open Access BCMM®. Request Here

    BCMM®Self-Assessment Spreadsheet The excel workbook presents the BCMM® criteria in an editable spreadsheet format. Instructions are included to provide you with scoring guidance and calculates a printable "scorecard." It also provides the ability to document reasons and conditions that led to the scoring. 

    Want some help?Virtual's consultants can provide assistance to any size of organization to define the best way to use the BCMM® to fit your risk appetite, culture and goals, and conduct the assessment. Each engagement provides detailed information of how to advance your resilience maturity in a sustainable manner.

    Why use the BCMM®

    While there are a number of companies that can provide a proprietary evaluation, the challenge is to find a globally recognized and applied tool that is based on mensurable program milestones. The BCMM® has been downloaded by professionals in over 80 countries and is a globally recognized metric.

    The BCMM® helps organizations achieve their desired resiliency level by providing answers to the following questions:

              - Where are we now?

              - Where do we ultimately want to be?

              - Where should we be next?

    The BCMM® is a tool for businesses of all sizes to perform self-assessments and assist in improving their ability to recover from a disruption. The BCMM® provides a consistent, objective means for evaluating a company’s state of preparedness, including evaluation criteria in 8 critical corporate competencies across 6 levels. These competencies address business continuity program considerations including, but not limited to the traditional areas of business recovery, security management, incident management and technology recovery.

    Since October of 2003, BC professionals in over 80 countries have viewed the open access BCMM® and is also available in Spanish.

    Use the results of your self-assessment to identify your program’s strengths and weaknesses. Identify gaps in your current implementation strategy, evaluate your planned BC activities and generate data that will help substantiate and support recommended changes that can lead to significant improvements in your business continuity program. Justify budget requests and achieve executive “buy in” by quantifying the resilience of your business. The BCMM® is a tool that can be applied and leveraged in the evaluation and selection of critical supply chain or strategic business partners and in the determination of the quality of their contingency programs. 

    Led by Virtual, the BCMM was contributed to by a working team comprised of cross-industry practitioners through which experience, consultation, and advice could be harvested. Working team members came from a variety of industries, including telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, and banking.

    Through The ICOR and some of their training partners, Virtual Corporation conducts 2-day training seminars for business continuity professionals to become trained BCMM® assessors. Virtual Corporation has trained assessors in over 12 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, England, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea. Participants who have successfully completed the 2-day training class will be trained in the methodology of performing both the review and audit level assessments and will be prepared to conduct assessments both as an internal corporate resource/service or as an external private consultant/service.

    The open access version of the BCMM® (English or Español), can be downloaded at no charge. Email addresses will not be used for any purpose other than providing news and updates to the BCMM®.
  • Assessment About the Business Continuity Maturity Model® (BCMM®)The BCMM® is an assessment tool which provides a standard approach to measure an organization’s Business Continuity Program maturity and to provide direction for creating and maintaining a BC program as a sustainable process. The BCMM® also collects meaningful benchmark data that can be used to compare how your organization matches up with similar organizations.

    The BCMM® has been updated to align to the 3 PS Prep Standards: BS 25999, ASIS SPC.1, and NFPA 1600:2010.

    There are numerous justifications for conducting a BCMM® assessment:

    • Conduct Internal Audits
    • Evaluate Business and Supply Chain Partners
    • Assist Organizational Governance
    • Align with Regulatory Requirements
    • Obtain Executive Buy-In
    • Support Program Design
    • Prepare for government or military COOP standards evaluation
    • Prepare for an external third-party audit

    Assessment Options BCMM® Self-Assessment Workbook

    This is a word doc that steps you through a simple methodology for scoring your organization using the criteria in the Open Access BCMM®. as the person responsible for resilience in your organization, you can complete the assessment without input from anyone else in the organization, or you could use it as a template to gather the information from other knowledge holders. This is a great tool to establish a baseline from which your organization can grow, or to assist you in educating executives that resilience can be quantified. The BCMM® can then be used as a "road map" to define a specific, measurable path to gather resilience program maturity. Request the BCMM® Self-Assessment Workbook 2.0 under Request for Information.

    Self-Assessment SpreadsheetThe excel workbook presents the BCMM® criteria in an editable spreadsheet format. Instructions are included to provide you with scoring guidance and calculates a printable "scorecard." It also provides the ability to document reasons and conditions that led to the scoring. Click here to Purchase.

    A Self Assessment methodology document can also be requested. If you cannot get management to commit or you don’t feel you have the time or financial resources for a full assessment, the self-assessment can be done more easily. The BCMM® self assessment method provides an informal, less rigorous outcome but still provides valuable input that could help enhance your program.  

    The Review AssessmentA Review Assessment is completed in approximately 6 weeks. The level of analysis is equivalent to a financial review. 

    The Review Assessment process is performed with the assistance of a project host and is based on the following approach:

    • Identify appropriate knowledge experts
    • Conduct approximately 10-15 interviews based on the Virtual Corporation BCMM®Master questionnaire
    • Compile and evaluate collected data
    • Develop and issue State of Preparedness report including BCMM® scorecard, gap analysis and recommendations for enhancements to the BC program
    • Determine the need for further substantiation of collected data through a more rigorous audit assessment, if appropriate. 

    Interviews are conducted with various knowledge holders. Analysis is completed by Virtual Corporation’s Assessment Team.

    Audit AssessmentAn Audit level assessment is designed to confirm survey responses by verification of business continuity program components and documentation. 

    Auditable proofs are incorporated into an assessment questionnaire. The assessment utilizes both performance requirements and proofs in much more detail than the Review Assessment. Each assessment is customized to the business, and applied to specific areas of concern within the 8 BCMM® Corporate Competencies.

    The project length of the Audit Assessment varies and is determined prior to commencement. Level of analysis is equivalent to a financial audit.